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San Antonio Ceramics (Ceramica), Guatemala

20-odd years ago, an American potter named Ken Edwards moved to the village of San Antonio Palopó, where he found good supplies of high quality clay. He started up a pottery workshop and taught his craft to several young apprentices.

Ken — now in his 90s — still lives in the village, above his original workshop.

His young apprentices are now in their 40s, and several of them have started their own workshops.
San Antonio pottery is now renowned all over Guatemala and beyond.
It has become one of the major money-earners in this small town, where employment is scarce.

We buy our pottery from one of these small workshops run by Cristobal, one of the original apprentices.
Cristobal’s family is all involved in the production, and he hires other people from the town as well.
The workers are fairly paid, and Cristobal and his family live very simply in a home attached to the workshop.

Ceramica's family-run workshop in Guatamala

Ceramica's family-run workshop in Guatamala

The glazes used in the pottery are lead-free, and the ceramics are microwave and dishwasher safe, and overproof up to 400 degrees.

The artisans make unique animals, coffee cups, vases and other ceramic items.