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Tara Projects, India


             TARA (Trade Alternative Reform Action) Projects made its humble beginning in early seventies. The objective was to create avenues of economic growth for economically disadvantaged artisans and craftsmen of Delhi and its surrounding areas in the unorganized home-based sector. Encouraged by its initial success the project gradually extended its socio/economic and trade reform activities to the adjoining states, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan in Northern India.


Since its inception Tara actively engaged in providing support services to the production and marketing of handicrafts on Fair Trade Principles, while addressing community developmental needs of the grassroots craft persons. This is done  by imparting, general awareness, Human Rights education, vocational and informal education.

Tara Projects, the Association has constantly remained an active catalyst in eradicating poverty, by fighting against exploitation and illiteracy of the producers and its working communities. “Make Trade Fair” has always been a principle goal for ushering into social and economic transformation at Tara.  The Organization is committed to follow the Fair Trade Standards developed by World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

Health insurance is one important action within the health programm of Tara Projects. They provide a free health insurance to all of their artisans.

 Tara is running several informal learning centers to provide a platform to the underprivileged children in the concerned communities. At present they are providing non formal education to more than 1000 children through 10 leaning centers in various parts of Northern India. At the same time the learning centers help them to reach out to the parents and to organize awareness programs on several social issues such as child labour.

TARA is committed to protect & preserve environment in all its activities. TARA has a policy of providing a safe and healthful workplace, protecting the environment, and conserving energy and natural resources.    They currently have programs for recycling, tree planting, water conservation and waste management