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Art Camp, Mexico

Artesanas Campesinas (Art Camp) uses an Artisan Direct Distribution Model for the design, and crafting and distribution of the stunning jewelry that they make using materials from Mexico.


Guerrero is a very mineral rich land. In this beautiful place exist a great variety of precious and semi-precious stones, as well as innumerable rich deposits of antimony, tin, copper, gold, and silver and many more metals.  The stones employed in this unique handcraft jewelry include serpentine jade, hicorita, jasper, onyx, jet, and obsidian. 

None of the stones employed in the expert mosaic jewelry inlays come from a corporate mine.  All of these natural materials are extracted from these mountains by the local artisanal miners. These beautiful new jewelry mosaics are composed of natural stones, stabilized stones and treated stones

The pewter alloy in the jewelry is completely free of any trace of lead.

The techniques used in working with natural stone, treated stone and stabilized stone date back well into history and have been passed forward through the generations. The artisans in Guerrero, Mexico have worked hard to maintain and develop these skills and the quality of the jewelry shows it.

In addition to skills involving stones and stonework in the mosaics, the artisans also excel in techniques involving silver overlay, pewter development, dichroic glass (glass that appears to have more than one color) and sea shells.

Earring wires ad posts are surgical hypoallergenic.

Art Camp Mexico has been a member of the Fair Trade Federation since 1995.


(photos shown here are from the suppliers website)