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Langtang Designs (Nepal)


In April 2015, a 7.8 earthquake triggered an avalance of rock, ice and snow, killing a third of Langtang's residents and destroying most of their homes. 

Langtang Designs was created soon after the deveastating earthquake as a creative outlet for Langtang's women to gather, work with their hands, share stories and earn money to rebuild their houses and lives.  This is a community project, based in a Himalayan valley in northern Nepal.

Langtang Designs creates quality jewelry that reflects the beauty of Langtang while giving  hope, empowerment and a fair income to it's workers.  

Each design is named after a woman in the group and uses stones that are associated with the women's Tibetan heritage.

2017 is the first year that Global Village Nanaimo is ordering products from this new supplier. Our order was the first time they shipped anything to Canada.